About Us

About Us

Skateboarding runs in our blood. It’s one of those things that gets us dreaming about at night and excited to get to in the morning. We remember the very first tricks we practiced to the very first skateboard we owned. There were happy moments and there were moments where we felt like we just wanted to give up. But, we didn’t give up. Together, we came together in a mission to share with you, our fellow skateboard lovers, the things we learned from our mistakes and trials.

Our Mission

For beginners, we understand how overwhelming it may be to choose the right skateboard for you, given a plethora of options available. You may be scouring the internet for hours and end up saying, “Okay, I’m just gonna play skateboard online games” No, we don’t want you to be like that. We want to help you.

In this blog, we’ll share with you everything we know–from the best tricks, tips, hacks, and buyer’s guides–so that you’ll gain much more confidence and will continue pursuing your passion. We know we’re not Tony Hawk or anything, but we do know a thing or two about this great sport. And we’re very excited to share them with you.

Our Team

There are 10 crazy, fun-loving, and thrill-seeking members of our team.

Let us introduce you to Stanley. He calls himself the Eagle. He loves doing in-the-air tricks. Longboards are his specialty. You haven’t seen the bruises and scars he has had on his knees, elbows, and arms. But Stanley doesn’t care. He is a positive thinker and sees them as love marks. They show how much love he has for the sport.

Have you met crazy Sandy from our team? Her nickname is Sk8ter Girl, simply because she loves the Sk8ter Boi in Avril Lavigne’s famous song. She jokes that after listening to that song, her love for skateboarding grew as she had never imagined before. When Sandy is not practicing her skills in the skate park, she enjoys playing with her Tech Deck fingerboards. She’s that obsessed, you see!

And there are many other members working behind the scenes giving you the latest news, accurate information, and well-balanced analysis in sports and skateboarding in specific.

Thank you for crossing our paths and we hope for your continued support with our blog! Happy skateboarding!