How do I know what is the best deck size and trucks size for me (my first longboard)

As a beginner or even an experienced skateboarder who want to switch to the field of longboarding, you might find it overwhelmed because of all the information that requires your attention.

What deck sizes or truck sizes should you choose? How do they affect your skating experiences? All your questions will be answered in the articles below.

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It’s the ultimate guide that you’ll ever need to get yourself the right longboard.

Longboard deck sizes explained

Longboard deck sizes explained
Longboard deck sizes explained

Generally speaking, when talking about longboard deck sizes, there are a few factors that need your attention. The length, which is the measure of the deck from front to back. The width, which the measure of the deck between the two rears. Finally, it’s the thickness and shape, which have large impacts on how your board performs and which skating styles they are more suitable for.

Here we’ll be going through all the important elements on a longboard and provide you simple explanations on whether they’re good for you.


Longboards are usually quite long compared to skateboards. They also come in many different lengths, but most of the time, a longboard is still relatively longer compared to skateboards.

Long – These boards usually come with an average length of 50 inches, which are really long. This allows for better stability, but also make the board harder to control. They’re designed for fast cruising experiences and often preferred by tall people due to their big sizes.

Midsize – you can call them as all-around longboards. Midsize longboards usually have an average length of 42 inches, which is suitable for both cruising, downhill skating, and sometimes doing tricks. With a shorter length, your board will provide better control but the speed will be reduced. Moreover, shorter decks make them relatively easier to perform tricks since you can spin them quicker.

Short – these decks often target the young teenage riders as well as short skateboarders. Due to their reduced length, you’ll have better control over the board. However, they’ll tend to be less stable as well as providing less speed. Still, they’re quite effective when you want to have quick acceleration.


the width grow larger
the width grow larger

In additions, with longer decks, manufacturers also make their width grow larger. And the wider the deck, the more stable it gets. However, it will be harder to maneuver, especially when doing tricks. Deck widths usually varied between 7 inches and 9 inches. We called it the “sweet spot” since boards with that amount of width provide just enough room to stand while maintaining relatively good flexibility.


The shapes of longboards are often divided into two categories, the ones for cruising and those for downhill skating.

Cruising – Cruising longboard decks often comes with the same shapes. They’ll have a pointed head that is used for cutting the wind. The tail is slightly tapered for aerodynamic design. This is for maximizing the speed of the board and reduce wind resistance. Sometimes, your deck might curve upward at the end of its tail, this is called the “kicktail” deck. This design, while doesn’t have any aerodynamic effects, gives the user better control and enable quick breaks when riding on crowded streets.

Downhill – Most downhill decks are made with a long and flat wheelbase to enhance the stability for the users. Since you’ll be skating in an extremely high speed, having a stable deck makes it a lot safer. They usually come with the cutout design, which drastically reduces the sizes of both ends, allowing only a small amount of space for installing the trucks. Downhill decks are also relatively thicker compared to most other skateboard decks. This is to ensure their strength and longevity.

Longboard truck sizes explained

Longboard truck sizes explained
Longboard truck sizes explained

Longboard truck sizes have big impacts on the longboard performances. Hence, they should come in perfect sizes and designs for certain types of skating. Our article will provide you a comprehensive explanation about longboard truck sizes.


You would want your longboard trucks to come with the same width as the one on your deck. Just measure the length of the axle and measure it with the width of your board. Don’t choose trucks that have shorter or longer axles since they’ll make your board unstable. In additions, a truck that is too wide will make your board bulkier, making hard to perform tricks, especially those that involve flipping the board.

For the height of the truck, we recommend you consider it depending on your preferences. If you install a higher truck, it’ll provide more space for mounting larger wheels. And larger wheels mean that your boards would go relatively faster. However, higher trucks also make your board less stable, which is not what we want.

Trucks types

Traditional and reverse kingpin

Traditional and reverse kingpin
Traditional and reverse kingpin

These are the two most common trucks that you’ll find for your longboard. While traditional kingpin trucks have two kingpins facing toward the center of the board, the reverse kingpin trucks have their kingpins facing outward. The two are both suitable for casual transport activities.

And due to their design, reverse kingpin trucks are usually taller than the standard one. This allows you to mount larger wheels on them. Hence, many people prefer reverse kingpin trucks on their longboard. Just keep in mind that taller board will be relatively harder to control.

Top mount and drop through trucks

Top mounts are the traditional type of trucks for your deck. Since they are mounted under your deck, top mounts trucks make your board taller and more responsive. It’s quite suitable for doing casual cruising.

For high-speed racings, a dropdown truck is definitely a must. These trucks are usually mounted on the downhill decks. And what they do is that they help maintain good stability even when you’re going at a significantly high speed of 60+ mph.

Hope you’ve known a little more about longboard deck and truck sizes. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.